Monday, 17 March 2014

'Totalitarian Salads', Scarfolk Books, 1976

'Totalitarian Salads,' published in 1976, sold more copies than any other book that year and was voted Scarfolk's best book by no less than 100% of the public in a mandatory survey.

The success of this publication may be partly due to the fact that all bar one of Scarfolk's bookshops and publishing companies were razed to the ground in semi-mysterious circumstances. In short,'Totalitarian Salads' was the only book commercially available that year.

Additionally, the authors and editors of competing cookery books were found sauteed in a mass shallow grave just outside Scarfolk.
Police food forensics experts put the recovered bodies in a refrigerator overnight before transferring them to an oven for 20-25 minutes and then pouring into individual pots to be garnished with wreathes of flowers.

Despite attempts to monopolise the cookery book market, illegal food pamphlets were distributed by an underground recipe resistance movement. This is the origin of recipes such as
'soufflĂ© uprising,' 'coup soup,'  'putsch punch,' and 'insurgence sausages.'


  1. Was this the same series that published the book of 'Keynesian Cookery', featuring aspiration aspic recipes and counter cyclical soups?

  2. I think it contained recipie and instruction of long lost art " Grouting with Soup.

  3. Perhaps a modest proposal to bring this back to print is in order...

  4. meat is killing of animals in order to eat them - it is perfectly natural as nature is red in tooth and claw

  5. I actually own a book called 'Totalitarian Kitchen', written by a Russian immigrant and his wife. It's one half actual recipes and one half anecdotes from his and his friends life in the Soviet Union.