Saturday 20 June 2020

The Solstice Incident (1978)

Below is an artist's impression, and recently unearthed Polaroids, of the 1978 Solstice Incident during which an occult ritual went awry at Scarfolk Henge resulting in the transformation of the sacrificial martyr into an enormous space hopper.

When neither druid nor doctor could reverse the process, the victim became a town mascot, offering rides to children. Records show, however, that he was also secretly employed by the state to violently intimidate seditious citizens and prying outsiders. He was known among council staff as 'The Bouncer'.

The as-yet unsolved Steamroller Murders of Spring 1979, when dozens of people were discovered crushed flat with every bone in their bodies broken, were almost certainly a result of The Bouncer's handiwork.

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  1. Babies worn on the shoulders of processionaries dressed in devils appear to have been seen by employees of a shoe store who denounced them. It is possible that this drawing evokes a resurgence of this practice, the child grabbing the cursed horns to hold on to the head of the evil one. It remains to be seen if some of these children’s games are equipped with remote control.