Friday, 26 April 2013

"Stop The Ripper From Killing Again" Police appeal ads

This police message appeared in national newspapers and as posters in Scarfolk schools, libraries and community centres for occult cloning.

The Lynch case aside, in the late 1970s there was another manhunt underway for the killer of three actresses. The police, desperate to spark the memories of any potential witnesses, planned a reenactment and hired Jonty Lumm, an actor and model who most resembled police sketches of the killer.

During the reenactment Jonty killed the actress hired to play one of the actress victims and the police quickly realised that they would have to engage another actor to portray Jonty in a future reenactment.

Though Jonty Lumm was never found, police reenactments became popular. Scarfolk prison put on its own charity reenactments in which inmates would replay their own crimes for an enthusiastic audience. The 1979 show raised £7,799 for a charity that helped police men and women learn how to read.


  1. The large 'S's and sweeping tails on the 'y's suggest a male writer to me. Possibly a clean-shaven one.

  2. The question is: if they couldn't read at the time, who made the poster?

    1. A lovely gentleman called Jonty Lumm.

      Very helpful fellow, he volunteers at the Unsupervised Actresses Association on weekends.