Friday 22 November 2013

Dr. Who in Scarfolk

Back in the 1970s the makers of BBC's Dr. Who could not find a location big enough to accommodate a story set on the surface of a desolate moon.

Scarfolk Council generously offered to demolish two hospices, an orphanage and a battered dolphin sanctuary to create the necessary space. However, the council neglected to warn the residents before they flattened the buildings.

Fortunately, the Dr. Who story also required an immense battlefield to be littered with dead and injured aliens.

Happy 50th anniversary!
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  1. Talking about my regeneration.

  2. Two of my most favorite things mashed up together.

    I love Scarfolk!

    (and big props to Anonymous' "Talking about my regeneration.")

  3. Oh god, I remember this one. It gave me nightmares for weeks. I was so terrified I'd piss the bed. Which just made things worse...

  4. I've read in Gold Movies magazine that Someone Hitting A Pan With A Spoon was in fact Mike Oldfield (the Arthur Smithee false name was already taken by someone at the production) who tried to play a segment from Tubular Cardboard Bells with recycled accessories from the shooting of Feel me, Tommy.