Monday, 9 March 2015

"Violence On" (1970-1978)

This title screenshot is all that remains of 'Violence On', a children's TV programme that ran from 1970 to 1978. Each episode saw the programme's presenters encouraging children to push classmates out of windows, off high walls or from the saddles of seaside beach donkeys.

Another popular programme called 'Jail Fix It' gave children the opportunity to get their injuries treated in a psychiatric prison hospital by high-risk inmates who had to learn first aid as part of their integration back into society.
Each week, the children's decorated plaster casts (and, occasionally, unsolicited gang tattoos) were displayed in a gallery and a special prize was given to the child that had most amused the judges.


  1. I liked the inventor who would always come up with a new torture contraption, each week.

  2. The animated semtex doll with the confused expression before he went on his wacky adventures.


  3. I'm trying to remember where I saw the image that inspired that "Violence On" insectoid icon....

  4. The foil and semtex episode was my favourite.