Monday 31 October 2016

Halloween Masks

(Page taken from the weekly children's hobby magazine 'Which Craft?')

In 1970s Scarfolk, children liked to make Halloween masks out of everyday household items such old curtains, ritually-sacrificed livestock and executed criminals.

The latter were so sought-after that mischievous children planted evidence of crimes that ensured the arrest and capital punishment of relatives in the hope of inheriting a head with which to make a mask.

Happy Halloween/Samhain from everyone at Scarfolk Council!


  1. Fundamental flaws with the incantation resulted in the goat of mendes making unpredictable appearances at family weddings funerals christenings and school Nativity plays.

  2. You've turned the awesome dial up way past 11 on this one. It's absolutely fantastic :D

  3. Ed Gein would've fit right in.

  4. We had such fun on Halloween with this but unfortunately we have not been able to remove the pigs head mask from young Timothy and consequently he is frequently followed around town by members of the pork appreciation society trying to cut pieces of his head.