Thursday 15 December 2016

Disposable Children Bags

Discarded children were a serious problem in 1970s Scarfolk. Adults who had decided against parenthood, whether for reasons of finance or boredom, would dump their offspring in sacks by roadsides or in laybys.

Hungry children who had not been given the required sedative dosages often chewed their way out of the sacks and wandered into speeding traffic. Not only did these unwanted children cause hours of unnecessary delays to motorists, but a study showed that discarded children were responsible for close to a million pounds worth of damage to car bonnets, bumpers and windscreens in 1974 alone.

From January 1975, any 'Bag Baby' (as they came to be known) involved in a road accident that incurred costs to motorists, risked a fine of up to £125.


  1. The recycled bags were grim , usually the previous occupants had defecated in them and it was difficult dodging the shit. I longed for a clean bag.

  2. I'm still waiting for my Special Lucky bag prize for finding the "lucky brown sweet at the bottom of mine!" :( HUMPFF.

  3. I prefer biodegradable non chewable burlap, old school but effective.