Thursday, 4 December 2014

'Deformed Anonymous Infant Demon' model kit (1977)

In the 1970s there was a plethora of plastic model kits for children to construct and paint: ships, planes, space rockets, as well as favourite characters from children's stories such as Peter Pan, Humpty Dumpty and Idi Amin.

The most desired model kits were those based on popular childrens' television programmes, one of which was a show called Deformed Anonymous Infant Demon, or DAID for short.

DAID was a crime-fighting eight year old with a difference. He had 4 arms and one leg because his psychic mother had smoked and drank during trances while she was pregnant. For some reason, this also made DAID a demon.

Because he wore a roller skate on his only foot, he found it very difficult to propel himself forward without assistance; however, he did have a special power: Devil Jam, which he smeared over his foes. The sticky, supernatural substance also afforded him the ability to communicate with the ghosts of consumed plums, which reluctantly acted as informers during his investigations.

DAID was also accompanied by a sidekick: the reincarnation of his dead sister who, due to a radioactive occult mishap, had come back as a pork chop. She went by the name Sibling Chop, though her real name was Julie. Together they solved crimes and offered culinary advice to the under 10s.

Deformed Anonymous Infant Demon ran for two series between 1977-78.


  1. And that's what I'd like for Christmas.

  2. Why isn't there a Wish List button here?

  3. I remember making this! The weird thing was that the glue kept oozing out of the joints for months afterwards. The sticky, red, delicious glue.

  4. Three days ago I bought one of those collector kits on Flea-bay. My suspicions were aroused when the semi-assembled kit arrived in a jar of marmalade. The instructions were to wrap the pork chop around the jar and leave in a special place. In defence of the realm I engaged the services of M.I 6 1/2 who did forensic tests. DAID was in fact a cunningly shaved Barbie doll with pink painted okra for the extra arms. I followed their advice and left it on platform five of Paddington station. If anyone finds it make sure there are no bears around. ��

  5. The weirdest thing is that Airfix created the model 4-5 years before the programme was on TV apparently.. Their Spitfire model was also released around 1928 as a sci-fi model. Just check nowhere online.

  6. Anyone else remember the the theme tune, Thrump, Thrump, Thrump, *paradiddle*, Thrump, 'DAID!'?