Friday 14 August 2015

"Thought Policy" Leaflet (1976)

Below is a leaflet published by the Scarfolk council department that was set up in 1973 to deal with citizen thought detection and control.

In addition to the thought-detector vans which prowled Scarfolk's streets (see HERE for more information), citizens were expected to undergo regular thought inspections.

At the time, thought terrorism was rife and most major public buildings and spaces had security checkpoints. Citizens were expected to read, understand and answer the questions put to them in the leaflet before being scanned by an IDS (Idea Detection Scanner). Initially, IDSs were just ex-policemen who had failed psychiatric empathy tests after sustaining severe head injuries. The practice of using such policemen was stopped when it was discovered that the method they used to extract thoughts from citizens' heads involved the use of a big, sharp stick and an ice-cream scoop. More accurate IDS machines eventually replaced the policemen, drastically reducing human error, though the stick and ice-cream scoop were retained.


  1. totallitarysmly Agreedindeed m'I... well, I mean that thoughts by proxy problems are only the top of the iceberg.
    It's sometimes hard to use only neologisms put together with abstract syntax, but beeing understood is not the point.
    Who's responsible for those external pre-thought cloning and mind insertions, since all the poetry works were burnt with their authors ?
    Who wants to play the russian roulette with meanings when sharing ideas is like juggling with grenades ?
    In this leaflet, I can identify thoughts that I've already rejected before for not coming from myself (I regret this criminal attitude today) so the hard thing is to make the difference between a pre-existing highly recommended authorized thought and his forbiden look-a-like.

    1. Mouldysauerkraut,

      Your pre-compliance is noted and has already been understood to be at fault (by yourself among others, et al). To maximize epistemic satisfaction this assessment has been conducted nightly within you and without your knowledge. With this statement, we now abjure such knowledge and its attendant (anti)criminality.

      Thank you for redirecting your misattention appropriately.

  2. Please be advised that the doubling of positive thoughts (such as double plus un-good) inorder to create a negative has been found as offensive and will be punished accordingly.

  3. Too much leisure by far!Spoilt rotten lay-abouts selfishly thinking away,When there's work to be done!

  4. If you don't get paid to think,you don't have the rights,authority or permission to do so!That's just something I heard,I haven't thought about it.