Thursday 11 August 2016

'Allclear' Open-Air Nuclear Bunkers

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In 1971 the government's civil defence budget was slashed. Local councils limited their building of conventional nuclear bunkers and focused instead on cheaper alternatives, for the general populace anyway.

From government public information literature:

"Though secure, Britain's existing nuclear bunkers are cramped and do not offer the comforts of home living. Built from drab, uninspiring concrete, they are brazenly unaesthetic and because they lack natural light, occupiers risk becoming fed up during their stay.

"Government officials, royals and the independently wealthy have courteously opted to endure these cheerless conditions so that you don't have to*.

"We think that you and your family deserve more agreeable accommodation when that 4-Minute Warning jingle sounds.

"Enter ALLCLEAR, the government's new post-nuclear solution for YOU. ALLCLEAR Open-Air Bunkers are easily erected in approx. 60 minutes. They are light, airy and available in a choice of fun colours: orange or yellowy-red. They even come with their own FREE
power-string, velcro all-seasons flap and a multipurpose stick [...]

"*Please note that any attempt to secure a place in a traditional concrete bunker (and in doing so compromise the well-intended benevolence of the abovementioned persons) will be rejected with extreme prejudice."


  1. Ours smelled of mould and didn't include tent pegs, it was a nuisance because rats used to nest under it , we could feel them wriggling under our sleeping bags. We were very unhappy children.

  2. Your creations are nothing short of brilliant...keep'em coming :)

  3. I still have my 1970's purchased bunker. My ex wife still uses it and is very happy there.
    So am I.

  4. We're still waiting for ours,and just a trifle concerned it may have been lost in the post!If anyone has an extra,or cares to trade,We have two bags of powdwered milk to offer in exchange for a two person set up!