Friday 27 January 2017

Action Man Waterboarding Accessories (early 1970s)

The image below shows the instruction booklet that came with an Action Man accessory kit. Like many boys' toys, such as tractors, diggers and trains, the Action Man waterboarding kit was designed to help young boys develop a sense of what they might like to be when they grow up.

A survey conducted in 1978 found that the jobs boys most wanted when they were older included astronaut, engine driver and chief torturer for a totalitarian regime which uses its cover as a civilised democracy to commit national and international atrocities with impunity.

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  1. I was overjoyed one Christmas when Santa brought me the Urban Torturer accessory kit. It came a replica car battery and jump leads to attach to Action Man's non-existent scrotum.

  2. Toys for kids in the exciting new Trump era!
    Boy howdy, torture will be all the rage!

  3. I wanted to be minister for dentist's with halitosis but was driven to torture.

  4. Never got one of these as a kid. My parents always bought the cheap pound shop knockoffs. Most vividly, I recall the "Induction Manning Fully Jumbo Size of the Life". This was a giant action man that contained an executed convict's brain and nervous system. The "please be do not electricking this Manning" stickers were somewhat hard to understand, and as a result the damned thing started going on a bloody rampage. Six weeks before they stopped it.