Friday 25 August 2017

Scargos Mail-Order Catalogue (1977)

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Mail-order catalogues were very popular in the 1970s, so much so that Scarfolk Council carefully monitored them to ensure all the products promoted and maintained the state's social agendas.

Anybody who contravened the attitude regulations of the day was shipped to a makeshift island three miles off the coast and enrolled in reeducation classes that employed electrodes and toxin-dipped knitting needles as teaching aids.


  1. Redundant redundancies happen over and over, again.

  2. Anyone remember Kalkeitos "Foreigner shoot to kill" pack?? Or "Nazi hiding spaces pack" ?? :D

  3. This is a much tamer version than the one that was available from Scargos...

  4. Have just checked the above link.It would appear that Scarfolk council is truly infiltrating the rest of the UK...