Saturday 6 July 2013

"Son Oil" Baby Marinade (1979)

It has been some time since the mayor permitted us access to his collection of 1970s pharmaceutical postcards. Here's one for the summer:

The text on the reverse of the postcard:

"A child's skin is vulnerable and can easily burn, which could impair the flavour. To avoid damaging the skin first blanch the child for fives minutes then generously apply Son Oil. Add salt, pepper and newts to taste, then leave the child in the garden during the hottest part of the day. Whimpering usually means that the child is ready to be transferred to the grill or oven. Warning: Illegitimate or unbaptized children burn more quickly."


  1. Could I just add that, in the warmth of a summers evening, it is acceptable for the celebrant to don the lightweight goat's head for convenience. However, because of the risk of spitting fat, being sky-clad is NOT recommended until the danger is judged to be minimal.

  2. Your number one priority is keeping babies at ray.