Thursday 2 July 2015

"Mindborstal" Psychological Detention Drug

Following the publication of Children and Hallucinogens: The Future of Discipline in 1971, several products were developed by Cavalier Pharm, Scarfolk's largest pharmaceutical company.

In addition to Panopticon, a truth serum designed for minors (see Discovering Scarfolk p.65 for further details), Cavalier Pharm also manufactured a drug called Mindborstal which, as the advertisement above indicates, induced children into a mental state that functioned as a psychological prison.

The detention hallucinations produced by the drug were so potent that they were indistinguishable from reality and children under its influence sat motionless for days and even weeks, locked in delirious trances. They were convinced that they were incarcerated within physical spaces policed by intimidating entities tailored to their own personal fears.

Yet for all of the drug's obvious benefits, it was ultimately recalled when several children were reported to have escaped on imagined giraffes, which their subconscious psyches had somehow conjured into existence. At least, that was the official explanation. Sceptics weren't convinced, even when hundreds of dead giraffes conveniently washed up on Scarfolk beach. Recently leaked documents suggest that the real reason for the recall was a desperate attempt by the council to cover up its covert plan to have the drug renamed and introduced to the town's water supply.


  1. I remember taking this when I was 11. Never did me any harm .rtghh tgjd ssrf jftf vvrfd etuugd df fgfr hn floop brig chestnut wham arf.

  2. The late Margaret M. Slack prescribed me this at the Mary Burbury unit. DID ME NO HARM WHATSOFUCKINGEVER.

    1. What year was this? I attended in about 1987/88

  3. Boy oh Boy!! If ever there was a crying need for life to imitate art, then this is it!!!! I've printed off a number of these posters and intend to distribute them to parents of unruly brats on my next plane trip!!

  4. how would something like that work?

  5. All we ever got was phenobarbital and thorazine.