Friday 1 March 2013

Field recording: "The Tim Seven" / Birds. Summer 1972

A few posts back we broached the subject of 'The Tim Seven.' 

"Seven tourists visited that summer. Oddly, they were all called Timothy, wore identical clothes and appeared to communicate with each other telepathically. Everyone in Scarfolk called them 'The Tim Seven'.

Three days after they arrived in Scarfolk all the birds disappeared and for months after the Tims left whenever Scarfolk residents tried to use their telephones all they could hear on the other end was distant, frantic backward birdsong."

Some of you have expressed disbelief that these events actually occurred, which has vexed the mayor. He spent all afternoon rummaging around in the archives in search of one of the reels that were recorded at the time. So, for all you naysayers, here it is. This was recorded on the 4th July, 1972 from one of the council office telephones. This is the raw recording and it has not been tampered with in any way.


  1. It sounds like an early Tangerine Dream out-take to me. Smashing.

  2. I was really skeptic that those events actually happened, but after carefully reviewing this audio document I no longer have doubts. The birds have spoken.

  3. Hard to tell backwards but I'm sure it was a Tuntwhistle at 4:06. Haven't heard one of those since my teens. Marvelous.