Friday 29 March 2013

Summer Holiday Diseases Colouring Book, 1976

This is another page from the hospital records of the anonymous little girl who was found wandering Scarfolk in 1976 (more here)

The colouring book itself was produced by Scarfolk Council Health Board Service Council and was distributed throughout hospitals, schools and junior covens.

While providing children with a fun creative pastime, it also subtly alerted them to the dangers of horrific diseases such as rabies and bed wetting, instilling in the children a deep-seated fear of foreigners, close relatives, harmless household objects, animals, vegetables shaped like animals, and belly buttons (see Barbara the omphalophobic office hand puppet).


  1. Then you have been truly and successfully 'Scarfolked'...

  2. Surely the etiquette is to kiss the fox first to calm it's growling?

  3. surely I remember Scarfolk also briefly produced an 'Altair'-style geometric colouring book (withdrawn after complaints that the outlines of guns, hypodermic needles, and Mary Whitehouse could be deduced from the combinations of shapes and patterns)

  4. Ah, the mystery of Fuzzy-Felt unfolds. Anyone know where other related posts are?