Monday 11 March 2013

"Wake Up!" road safety public information poster

Naturally, road safety is as important in Scarfolk as it is anywhere else.

There was a car accident on Scarfolk Moors in November, 1975. A driver veered off the road after being distracted by a dark, hulking entity stalking across the barren, misty landscape.

The driver tried to film the entity with his Super8 film camera, but the footage is shaky and indistinct.

Many believe this is a confirmed sighting of the 'Scarfolk Beast,' which was spotted on the moors and even around town for many years.

Though many townspeople claim to have seen the 'Beast,' descriptions vary:

"...At first I thought it was a large, hand-knitted tortoise..."

"...It had the head and upper body of a fish and the lower body of a mermaid..."

"...Like a gigantic dropped lasagne with long hair..."

"...It stood up-right like an embarrassed man with an erection..."

"...It didn't look like a creature to me - just an angry tramp in a sleeping bag in a shopping trolley struggling to propel himself along with two drain plungers..."


  1. Brilliant! Faster Pussy Cat!!

  2. Any chance you could get hold of this Super8 footage and post it up?

  3. "...insist on road safety on the road." Damn right, best place for it. Don't want any of this namby-pamby road safety on the pavements, in supermarket aisles or school corridors.

  4. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that the white words say "Wake up! Put your foot down, accelerate, kill."