Thursday 14 March 2013

LWT & Open University TV broadcast signal intrusions 1974

A while back we told you about a strange aberration that occurred during a Granada TV broadcast in 1978 (see here for more details).

Something similar occurred in 1974 when the TV station idents for both London Weekend Television and BBC's The Open University were similarly affected.

No one knows who invaded the broadcasts, though a radical group of totalitarian gym teachers was suspected, particularly because, during one children's TV programme, a story about Humpty Dumpty was subverted into a lecture on Joseph Stalin's passion for badminton.


  1. intriguing --- especially as the government broadcaster her in Oz IS run by stalinist Gym teachers....

  2. here in oz ... kangaroos... whatever

  3. sadly... pretty much ALL is run by stalinist gym teachers..still roll on september......

    1. My PE classes certainly were.