Thursday, 29 June 2017

Confirmation Bias Goggles (1970)

Confirmation Bias Goggles were the first wearable technology to be wired directly into the brain. In addition to the pinhead-sized speaker which perpetually broadcast the statement 'Of course you're right!' into the auditory cortex, the goggles' sensors could also switch off those parts of the brain that deal with troublesome emotions and feelings such as empathy, decency and healthy scepticism.

By tapping into the wearer's biases, the goggles literally deleted undesirable objects from the wearer's field of vision. Sights that were too dominant to be erased completely were visually falsified to validate the wearer's preconceptions.

By 1971, the state had adapted the goggles for use in schools. Children were told precisely what to think and what their personal opinions as adults would be.  Unsurprisingly, everybody who tried the goggles, without exception, thought that they were a great idea.

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  1. The school version was the viewmaster. My life in the children's home was bliss. It was only as an adult I realized the importance of genitalia.

  2. I don't know why, but those glasses should show souvenirs of foreign cities. Disturbing places not evolved enough to discover, but providing acceptable views with some color changes. Some ritual reality samples from the near and far suburbs of Scarfolk could provide good informations for childrens who sometimes take the risk of trusting their imagination. The ransom for a Scarfolk citizen is far too expensive for the counsil. It will stop major projects, like organizing night-only life in the dark for slides shows on every walls. They're lucky enough to know that they are living in the best place of the world, exactly there. Being a budget burdon is clearly irresponsible. Thinking about it should be forbidden from now.
    I've heard of a dangerous woman who was arrested while collecting Scarfolk highlights views (including the famous one-try-you-win falls) for transmitting them to psychatric patients through special glasses (like a talkie-walkie, but for images). Is that a false news ?

  3. This is like what Facebook does when they disburse certain news items that reflect the user's political sensibilities

  4. Each set comes with a free lifetime subscription to Cognitive Dissonance.

  5. I thought these would be a good product. And as soon as I bought a pair I found I was right.

  6. Trump and the entire UK cabinet are on them all the time