Monday, 4 February 2013

Practical Witchcraft Today

I spent the 1970s feeling haunted and a little bit uneasy. Four witches lived in Scarfolk in the 1970s and they all worked in newsagents.


  1. I believe that is Treyford Granton on the right. He lived in a beautiful half-timbered house but inside the only furniture was four long, narrow concrete benches. Water dripped constantly from the ceiling. I was there often because my parents would make me to go over to Mr Granton's and ask him to adopt me. He always refused but seemed very interested in my younger sister Joan who we believed to be dead by this time. Recently my mother admitted that her greatest fear was that Mr. Granton would learn the truth about Joan. She hinted that he may have been responsible for the strobe lights and loudspeakers that suddenly appeared on our front lawn late in 1976 and that the council refused to take down.

  2. What was the truth about your sister? Your parents killed her?

  3. What UTTER bullshit. NOBODY IN NORTHWEST ENGLAND lives in a house that is even half- timber. WE IN ENGLAND just call it wood and we tend to call wooden houses barns and they tend to only be on farm land. Furthermore TREYFORD IS A SILLY AMERICAN NAME AND even in the 70s in England NOBODY dressed like that and the architecture in the background is unmistakably yank. Good try though.

  4. I think you might find its a Canadian dental surgery, probably Newfoundland.

    1. That casts an entirely new light on the topic. How on Earth did a Canadian dental surgery end up in Scarfolk?

  5. I'm sure the local coven would object to your claim of only FOUR witches. But indeed only four were licensed to practice malicious magic.

    I still fondly remember those "shoplifters will spontaneously combust" signs on the local newsagents, and the time that local bully Dave Garrett got caught trying to steal a bag of 2p mix.