Friday 15 February 2013

"Learn to Swim. Don't become extinct" A public information poster from Scarfolk Council

This 1972 poster was on my doctor's waiting room wall as well as the Scarfolk infant school noticeboard next to a poster about the dangers of gonorrhoea and nose picking.

The 'Learn to Swim' campaign came about because of a genuine, tragic case: In March of 1971 ten year old Darren Quetzalcoatl drowned in a reservoir after jumping in after his toy Micropachycephalosaurus. However, Micropachycephalosaurus wouldn't fit on the poster.

In honour of Darren, his actual arm was used during the photo shoot for the poster.


  1. I remember the water lady who pulled children into the lake. She enjoyed the company.

  2. Just hung this up on The City Park and Recreation billboard down the hall.

  3. No,Not for the company Dear."She" doesn't LIKE kid's at all.She really hates them making loud noises and skipping rocks on her lake!She does know how to make them be very quiet rather quickly!Ask her little sister,"Old Chattox".