Wednesday 13 February 2013

"Dormin Slowly Died with the Radio On" (Scarfolk Records 1974)

From Scarfolk Records 1974.
The debut ambient album from 'Ragle' called "Dormin Slowly Died With The Radio On. Parts 1-82"
This is part 71.
It won 2nd prize at the Scarfolk harvest festival, having lost out to Gary Butters from Scarfolk primary school, class 5, who came 1st with his song "Eagle Eye Action Man."
Ragle was the stage name of Eddie Rumpburn who was the manager of Twazzle's Hardware shop on East Twazzle Parade between 1970 and 1978. 


  1. Played this on my trusty 78 gramophone last night. Spat out the worst sort of bilge and scared my can Gerontius. Why this stuff has become so popular remains an enigma.

    (Mr Delius, my neighbour, informs me that this requires a device capable of 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. Regardless, I stand by what I wrote.)

  2. Scarfolk is genius. If you don't like it you can buzz off.


  3. Mornings of gales. Except Trafalger.

  4. Gosh - Eddie Rumpburn, that takes me back. I got a folding ruler from Twazzle's - it was bright yellow.

    Music is very moving - reminds me of the twinning ceremony with Torshavn when Kenneth Bradley made that gaffe about dolphin sandwiches to the Danish delegation. You wouldn't get away with that these days with all the health and safety rules from Brussels.

    Oh well - looking forward to the Texan bar safety poster. Remember when you pulled the end with your teeth and it made a nougat dagger?


  5. Always thought Ragle's circumstance and pomp was the stronger of the works.