Monday 18 February 2013

"Medium-sized illness" State healthcare in early 1970s Scarfolk

The state healthcare system - the SHS (Scarfolk Health Service) - fiercely encourages people not to be sick.

In 1974 there is a total budget of 29 pounds 102 pence per person. The SHS is very reluctant to help you.

To receive tolerable healthcare, residents are encouraged to give each other medical gift-tokens, which can be spent at any clinic, pharmacy, hardware shop or oil refinery.

This poster was on the walls of most hospitals and clinics.


  1. This whole blog. Wow. 1979. Hertford. It's all coming back to me.

  2. No it's not - it's Uffington circa 1975

  3. No, it's Preston 2013...

  4. Replaced later by the iconic "Injured or Ill? Walk It Off" campaign.

  5. Unfortunately, this seems to sum up the policy of our local surgery here and now! I'm quite tempted to see if I can sneak a copy of this poster onto the noticeboard in their foyer...